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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register if I do not have Aadhaar/Bhamashah card?

User can register into eVault without aadhaar/bhamashah id using NOID registration wherein any email id can be used as the username of the user.

How can I change my Profile Picture?

The profile picture cannot be changed as it is being fetched directly from the aadhaar card.

How to convert Official document to Personal document?

Official documents can be copied to personal document space as required.

How can I connect my eVault account to other platforms?

If the user has an SSO Id then he/she can register himself/herself in eVault using it.

Is there any option to share documents via Facebook, or other social media?

User can share the documents through email.

Can I delete a Document once it has been added to my eVault?

User can delete the documents as per requirement.

How and by whom are the Official documents approved?

Proper approval workflow is followed wherein the documents are approved by the concerned government authority depending upon the type of document and the department to which it belongs.

Why is my Document under hold?

If the approving authority has kept the document on hold and has not yet approved or rejected it then the document is under hold.

Why is my Document under review?

Once you upload the document, the document goes under review so that the government official can check it.

Why was my Document rejected?

If the approving authority finds the document inappropriate then the document gets rejected by him.

Can I convert my NOID account to Aadhaar or Family Account?

Yes, NOID account can be upgraded to individual or Family account by using Aadhaar and Bhamashah Id respectively.