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What is Raj eVault?

Escalating the horizons of Digital India vision Raj eVault is providing the residents of Rajasthan with an all new way of carrying documents on the cloud. Raj eVault is an initiative by Rajasthan Government designed to digitally empower the state. The ultimate motive behind this endeavor is to transfer Rajasthan into a digitally active economy. Going completely paperless is one of the major visions of Raj eVault.

Raj eVault is not only about its digitally mobile specialty, but registered users can also easily share their approved documents over the internet via fully safe and secure medium. The main purpose is to upload the documents and share electronic documents anytime without having to worry about their paper copies.

Anybody who has an Aadhaar Card can sign up in eVault and use the services. All types of documents and certificates can be directly uploaded into eVault via scanned copies of the same. Additionally, documents uploaded in Raj eVault can be signed electronically using the eSign facility. eSign is nothing but simply digital signature used to verify the documents.

Benefits offered by Raj eVault
  • Registered users can access their documents anytime and anywhere, you just need an internet connection.
  • Raj eVault eliminates all the tedious government paperwork related to documents.
  • It becomes very easy with help of Raj eVault to authenticate your documents.
  • Uploaded documents can be effortlessly electronically signed using eSign.