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eliminates all the tedious government paperwork related to documents

Raj eVault eliminates all the tedious government paperwork related to documents.
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It becomes very easy with help of Raj eVault to authenticate your documents.

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Uploaded documents can be effortlessly electronically signed using eSign.
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What is Raj eVault?

Raj eVault is in simple words, Digital Document Manager. It is a portal dedicated to providing digital verification platform for official documents and certificates, hence, overall reducing the need of tedious paperwork.

All types of documents and certificates ranging from driving license to graduation mark sheets can be uploaded in eVault. Moreover, you can access your documents anytime anywhere, you just have to Login into your eVault account.

Apart from all these paperless benefits associated with eVault you get the additional facility of eSign. All the documents can be very easily signed using eSign, it is nothing but a convenient way to digitally verify your documents.

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